Kokomo Canoe & Kayak Rentals
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Kokomo Canoe & Kayak Rentals

  Attend weekly paddles with the Wildcat Paddle Club

Call ahead to pick up your boats for a fun day at the Kokomo Reservoir, Wildcat Creek or for your next vacation !

2 Ways to Rent

reservations required

  Free delivery and pickup to the Kokomo Reservoir, the Greentown boat ramp and Hwy 213/PeCheWa Park or elsewhere for a fee

Pick up yourself,use anywhere for 24hrs.

       Day Rates
incl paddles and PFD's

Canoes  $35 

Single Kayaks $25-40
Sit-In and Sit-On Top 

Tandem Kayaks $45

Trailers / Roof Racks too !

We have many new kayaks this year from Jackson, including Cruise 12, Journeys, IBIS and Riveria's and Paddleboards too !

Delivery extra.

Groups discounts available
We cater to Church, Youth, Scout and family groups - free trailers renting 5 or more!

We rent our boats for your personal use all year. Paddle the Wildcat Creek, Eel River, Mississinewa Reservoir or use during  your camping or vacation trips.

If you want to paddle with a group, paddle with the Wildcat Paddle Club on Wednedays nights (sunset paddles), launching from Greentown and other trips. See the below.

Paddle the recently opened Jerome to Greentown section of the Wildcat Creek, paddle through Kokomo or rent a boat to see the eagles by the Bronson bridge.

Never paddled a kayak before ? Anyone can learn to paddle a kayak in 10 minutes – our kayaks are easier to learn and more stable than canoes !! Our 2-seat tandem kayaks allow 2 folks to paddle and also take along a small child.  Many kayaks also have rudders to make steering a cinch! Pets welcome !

Watch for our Facebook page  - we hope to update with Wildcat Creek water status and blockages, offer trips and offer classes for new kayakers.
Special : Mississinewa Rentals
We deliver - 2 day min
or pick up yourself

Proud Sponsor of the Wildcat Paddle Club
For information on trips and event in our area
See http://www.meetup.com/WildcatPaddleClub/


Want to know about the paddling the Wildcat Creek, find out about access sites, mileage charts and paddling descriptions see


For water levels and flow see

For Indiana's largest selection of canoes and kayaks
go to Fluid Fun in Bristol,IN

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